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patient information

Preparing For Surgery


When you come for your first appointment, you will need to bring a referral from your GP, x-rays (past and current) and any relevant scans, a list of medications you may be taking. You will be seen by Dr Zicat and often a specialist nurse consultant will be present. Dr Zicat will recommend the best treatment options for you. If surgery is necessary, a date for surgery can be booked at this consultation. Dr Zicat or his nurse will give you some patient information to take home. Patients are under no pressure whatsoever to go ahead with surgery. If you are unsure at any time please feel free to discuss it further with Dr Zicat or the clinical nurses.

Pre-operative Testing

It may be necessary for you to visit other medical specialists prior to your admission to hospital. At the time of consultation Dr Zicat will review your medical history to evaluate the need for you to be assessed from a medical point of view. Prior to surgery you are required to have pathology, an E.C.G and chest x-ray and joint x-rays attended to. Requests for these tests will be given to you when your surgery date has been booked with the hospital.


Mater Hospital

If Dr Zicat recommends surgery, you can book the date for surgery at the time of your consultation. Alternatively, you can take time to think it over and give us a phone call to arrange a date when you feel ready.

You will be given three forms which you will need to complete:

  • Consent form (signed by the patient and by Dr Zicat)
  • Mater Hospital Admission form
  • Mater Admission Assessment and clinical pathway form

We can help you complete these forms. You will need to either take them, or mail them, to the hospital.

If you are dropping them off yourself, you can take them to:

Mater Hospital

Admissions Office
25 Rocklands Road
Wollstonecraft NSW 2065

Click here for driving directions and location map.

If posting the forms, mail them to:

Admissions at the Mater Hospital
PO Box 958
North Sydney NSW 2059

Pre-admission appointment

You should contact the pre-admission clinic at the Mater on (02) 9900 7494 to arrange a time to attend the pre-admission clinic prior to your surgery. Before you attend this pre-admission appointment, you will need to have completed the tests and x-rays requested by Dr Zicat.

During your pre-admission appointment, the nursing staff at the hospital will check your pre-operative pathology, E.C.G and chest x-rays. They will explain the hospital process, discuss the most appropriate rehabilitation options for you and answer any questions that you may have regarding your stay at the Mater Hospital. They can also give you advice on any equipment you may need when you return home.

The day prior to your surgery you are admitted to the hospital in the afternoon at approximately 3pm. This enables the nursing staff to do any relevant pathology and also allows the anaesthetist and surgeon to see you before your surgery. If you have any concerns in regards to your anaesthetic then please discuss this with the anaesthetist. Also if you have any questions in regards to your surgery you can speak to your surgeon at this time.

Concord Hospital

Dr Zicat operates on public patients at Concord Hospital. If you need surgery, Dr Zicat's secretary or nurse will provide you with the necessary admission and consent forms at your consultation.

You will need to complete the form and send them to:

Admissions Department

Concord Hospital
Hospital Road
Concord NSW 2139

Click here for driving directions and location map.

The hospital will acknowledge receipt of your documents and you may be given an approximate timeframe for your surgery.

You will be given a surgery date from Concord Hospital when a definite time and date becomes available. At that time, the hospital will contact you and ask you to attend a pre-admission clinic.

When you attend the pre-admission clinic, you will be given all the information you need about your hospital stay. You can expect also to have a chest x-ray, ECG and a joint x-ray if required. Once your pre-admission clinic is completed, the hospital will advise Dr Zicat of your surgery date.

patient information
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