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Hip Surgery Knee Replacement Spine Surgery
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If you are attending the Mater Hospital you will be admitted to hospital the day prior to surgery. You will be seen to by Dr Zicat and your anaesthetist once you have settled into your room. Patients attending Concord Hospital should ask at their pre-admission clinic for details about when they should arrive at the hospital for their surgery.

On the day of your surgery nursing staff will give you instructions and prepare you for theatre. They will be able to give you an approximate idea of what time your surgery will take place. Joint replacement surgery generally takes between 1- 2 hours for the surgeon to complete. You will be away from the ward for 3-5 hours, as some time is need prior to surgery for your anaesthetic and also in the recovery ward after your surgery.

The day after surgery, you can expect to be up and beginning some gentle exercise to mobilize the new joint. It is important to listen to instructions given by your surgeon, physiotherapists and nursing staff at this time.

You can expect to be in hospital from 5 - 7 days, depending on your recovery and particular needs.

patient information
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