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follow-up appointments

Patients who are coming back for their 6 week post-op visit can expect this visit to be quite brief, taking only about 10 minutes. You will need to bring all your x-rays with you, including your 6 week post-op xrays and if it helps you, write down any questions or concerns you may want to discuss. Patients coming for their 6 week visit do not need a new referral.

If you are coming back for your annual follow-up visit or for any other reason, please ask your GP for a new referral and bring it with you.

We like to keep to our appointment schedule and respect that your time is valuable. We do our best to set aside the appropriate amount of time for each patient at the time of booking. In the event that we are running late, we try to contact patients, but it is not always possible. You may wish to call us prior to leaving home to find out if your doctor is running to schedule if you have pressure to make another commitment after your appointment.

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